MEHRAT Sales Enablement

Sales is the engine of any organization and the heart for any business, needless to say more about the importance of “SALES” for all business, actually life. An endless list of sales and selling definitions are available, in addition to another real long list of associated business terms are in direct relationship, and highly impacting sales, on a broad term, we can say that SALES are the core of all business topics, if not life, in general.

Again, an endless list of theories, concepts, models and frameworks did, and still are talking about sales and associated processes, however, still SALES need to be further studied, researched and this will not have an end soon, anybody may claim otherwise? Don’t think so…

However, are we still suffering, is this what we face:

  • Increasingly complex sales processes are straining resources and consuming lots of these resources, especially human, and definitely budget.
  • At many companies, sales processes are not yet tightly aligned with the Buyers’ experience and emerging customers’ expectations, along with competitions that don’t stop trying, will they?
  • Marketing and sales are frequently on different pages with respect to content, target segments, messages and many more aspects.
  • Persistent gaps in content performance metrics, best practices, and training are leaving too many sales teams under prepared.
Even world-class sales and marketing organizations struggle continuously with field execution and sales productivity.

Sales Enablement is a concept that has really taken hold for sales teams in recent years, building on years of studies and researches, yet it is continuously evolving and growing every day.


Sales Enablement is about a whole organization, every and each member of the organization are aware, acknowledging, adopting and  keep on adjusting all efforts and initiatives towards a common agreed goals

Sales Enablement is about enabled sales professionals, that are:

  • Aware of the customer’s marketplace and business issues and willing the buyer envision solving their problems
  • Willing to acknowledge buyers’ differences and embrace these differences
  • Adopt and embrace customer- centricity; align with the buyer’s evaluation criteria; before and after buying
  • Willing to support buyers’ need to know more and their legitimate right to weigh and evaluate options

Sales Enablement facilitates the Sales professionals mindset transformation from product/service oriented, own sales target, and transaction, short-term orientation to  partner satisfaction, value-added and long-term/sustainability.


Sales Enablement helps Sales professionals rediscover their forsaken role in the modern business model

 This modern business model, the transformation from SELLING to BUYING Facilitation, eventually Consulting customers, into a value-shared partnership

MEHRAT supports Sales Enablement in your organization on different levels:

1.Sales Department full curriculum-based developmental solutions

2.Sales Enablement-driven Supportive Functions programs

3.Sales processes revision and re-engineering

4.Organizational people engagement solutions